Wendy Rudell

Wendy Rudell

Wendy Rudell

Dr. Wendy Rudell, a native Canadian and resident of the USA is a world traveler who spends as much time as she can in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

For the past 40 years, Wendy has been actively involved in the healing arts and holds degrees and certifications in the following:  teaching, naturopathy, biofeedback, coaching, breathwork, yoga, massage therapy, colon therapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling, aromatherapy, quantum touch, live food nutrition and much more.

Wendy is a published author of a raw food cuisine uncook book titled “The Raw Transformation: Energizing Your Life with Living Foods”.


Wendy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences and a Doctorate in both Traditional Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine.   She is presently an ongoing student at IQUIM University (International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine) and is writing her thesis for her PHD in Integrative Medicine.

After working as head chef of a large vegetarian restaurant in British Columbia, Canada, and attaining a teaching degree from Notre Dame University, Wendy traveled to Hawaii where she became a coordinator and instructor for the Pritikin program on Maui.  This nutritional program focuses on reducing the effects of degenerative diseases.

From 1984 to 1990, she owned and operated a raw food product manufacturing and distributing company on the the island of Kauai.

Returning to the continent, Wendy studied Hatha yoga at the Vancouver Yoga Institute and later studied Ashtanga yoga with Patabe Joyce, a well known Ashtanga teacher from India.

She graduated from the Arica Institute (mystery school for expanding levels of consciousness) as a trainer and participated in leading training in both New York City and Mexico.

Wendy studied Massage Therapy in Hawaii where she then practiced for twelve years as a Certified Massage Therapist in many different massage techniques.  She has also been teaching yoga, breath work and health nutrition for many years.

Wendy’s journey has always involved searching for higher truths, mastering skills and acquiring knowledge that would eventually lead her to her present work as a Naturopathic Coach, board certified with NTCB, Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Licensed Quantum Healer.  Wendy’s passion is to assist others to achieve optimum health and wellness on ALL levels.

Wendy presently holds Doctorate Degrees in both Traditional Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine from IQUIM University. (International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine).

At the Optimum Health Institute (cleansing and detox center) San Diego, California, Wendy implemented a program of lifestyle changes designed to teach guests how to continue a healthy lifestyle for healing chronic disease after they returned home.  Her program included a combination of nutritional classes, breath work, yoga, meditation, and a high plant based diet.

Wendy believes in being Happy, Healthy and Free.  As a practitioner her understanding of health and wellness is based on science and the principals of quantum physics. Wendy helps others take responsibility for their overall health with the understanding of using the mind/body connection and the importance of resolving mental/emotional stresses that can affect health in so many areas.

In very simple layman terms Wendy explains how “Consciousness” is the fundamental reality of everything in the Universe.  With attention and intention we can affect change in our health and wellness along with choosing the supporting lifestyle changes and nutrition to assist the body in returning to optimum balance.

Wendy also addresses the categories of health relating to the physical body, these being  assimilation / elimination / immunity / oxidation / and regeneration, what she calls the five pillars of health.  She uses the ” INDIGO” quantum biofeedback device as an assessment tool to see what stress factors are in these areas and then with an integrative approach Wendy coaches each person in finding a healthier lifestyle that works for them.

This may include super-nutrition, dietary and lifestyle changes, biofeedback retraining sessions, EFT, NLP, nutritional supplementation, homeopathic formulas, herbal remedies, tonics, medicinal plant oils, detoxification protocols, bio identical hormone balancing, colon health, massage therapy, hypnosis, quantum touch, live food nutrition, breath work, Scaler Wave Cold Laser therapy and much more.

Wendy has held a vision for a wellness community project on her thousand acre ranch at the base of the Sierra de Laguna mountain range, approximately half hour drive from San Jose.

She will  be conducting wellness days with a local Tour Company and exclusive retreats commencing in the fall of 2019.  Please refer to the calendar of events for retreat dates and types if interested.   If you have an interest please feel free to contact Wendy at wrudell@yahoo.com and fill out the sign up form on this website.

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