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February 14, 2013

by Roland Thomas, PhD, NMD httfp://

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There are different forms of Chi in traditional Chinese medicine.

Each of these different forms of Chi can move around the body to help the transformation of the other forms of Chi. Each of these forms of Chi is equally important. Here I want to share with you specifically a food; BioSuperfood, and why I recommend it as a formidable form of Food Chi.

Foods can provide Chi when it is of good quality

Or food can steal your Chi when it is the wrong food, or when you eat too much of it. Food is a matter of energy. We live off the energy that we derive from foods, and not from the food. In the realm of foods, it is important to remember that the first foods are breath, light and water. One can live months with just these foods, but one will die in minutes without the breath. The breath contains infinitely small particles that make up most of the sub-atomic nutrients that are required for basic cellular survival.

Food Chi or Gu Chi is the first stage in the transformation of food into Chi.

Food is “disassemble” by stomach juices and digestive enzymes, then sent to the liver and spleen to make Chi. This digestive process takes place in the Triple Heater also known as the “Three Spaces”. The stomach and spleen are in the middle space or heater. The Food Chi is sent from the middle heater to the upper heater. Here, in the lungs, it combines with air to form Zong Chi, and then to the heart where it is transformed into blood.

After breath, sunlight, the most efficient foods are the smallest foods; grapes, figs, berries, nuts, and the likes.

Energy wise, those foods with most nutrients and least bulk are the most efficient. But the best food on earth in terms of energy potential are some species of micro algae invisible to the naked eye, that in quantity make up a green powder. They are the smallest foods on earth, yet some are the densest, containing thousands of nutrients required for energy.

BioSuperfood is a blend of four of the most compatible micro algae 30 years of research in the making.

But when the flow of Chi is blocked due to health problems, tension, or injury, the flow stagnates and in extreme cases solid lumps or tumours can appear. When Chi condenses, it can take a physical form.

There is also a parallel in modern physics of how Chi is in a constant state of flux between the physical state and the energetic or immaterial state. Although matter appears to be solid on the scale we see it, if we were to look closely at the atoms and particles that make up matter they are made of pure energy. If water molecules are vibrating slowly then they form ice (solid), and as they warm up and vibrate more quickly they can change into water (liquid) and then finally into steam (gas). It is similar with Chi – although it can have different forms it is still essentially the same Chi. explanation).

Although the descriptions of the different kinds of Chi can help explain the theory, the practice of experiencing the flow of Chi is much more important. Qi Gong and Tai Chi helps the body to relax and become free of tension, and stretches the muscles, ligaments and internal organs of the body. This encourages Chi to flow, and most people can start to feel this for themselves after a month or two of doing Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Over time Qi Gong and Tai Chi also helps to build a reserve of energy with which the body can heal itself of past injuries and health problems, and which can improve people’s overall health.

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