Scaler Wave Cold Lasers

Hi everybody, just want to share with you information about cold laser technology.  This type of laser is FDA approved for pain, arthritis, circulation, injury, anti-aging and much more.  Anyone can use it unlike the others that “cut and burn” and have to be used by medical doctors that are trained.

I am now starting to use the Scaler wave cold laser in my practice and combined with the quantum biofeedback I’m getting twice the results and much faster.  I’m so excited about this device and want to share more with you.

The Scaler wave, which is the non linear energy of the universe, has been woven into this device and assists the body into unwinding and going into Stillpoint or a state from Polarity to Neutrality.  When the body is free of stress or neutral then it can better heal itself.  The body has all that it needs to heal and return to balance given the opportunity.

When we are in stress we are in a state of polarity where the adrenals are pumping adrenaline and cortisol through the body.  These are sometimes called the “death hormones” and wreak havoc in the body.  Stress shuts down the thymus, thyroid, lympth, spleen, hormones and many other systems.

As we bring the body back into Stillpoint or neutrality, as the yogies and mystics call it, then the body can release the neutrochemicals it needs to heal what is out of balance.

The laser also adds photons, coherent light waves via the red, infra red and ultra violet LED’s to the cells.  These photons activate the mitrochondria in the cells which produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the energy that is produced in the cells.  This extra energy helps to rebuild and regenerate the body and knows exactly what it needs to do to help heal any imbalances.

I was introduced to this technology thirteen years ago at a conference.  At that time I had excrutiating back pain and could no longer sit and listen to the lectures.  I was invited to lay on a massage table and experience an unwind session with the Scaler Wave laser.  After twenty minutes, I got up and was totally free of pain which did not come back.  I knew one day I would own one as I truly believe that everyone should have a laser in their home.  We can throw out everything else in the medicine cabinet.  I would invite everyone to check out the website: and watch the video.

You will meet Paul and Lillie, his beautiful wife  who invented this laser which in my opinion surpasses all other cold lasers on the market.   The testimonials speak for themselves so check those out too.

Because I am a Quantum healer and doctor of alternative medicine I understand the importance of moving from linear thinking and the materialistic view point.  We are not machines as the medical profession would have us believe but we are subjective, feeling, energetic beings that have an innate intelligence to thrive, be healthy, happy, creative and joyous.

Whatever we can do to reconnect to our source, that quantum field of consciousness where infinite possibilities exist, is our birthright and our passage from moving from this state of polarity and separation (of which this planet has been in for so many years)  to a place of opening our hearts (heart chakra, thymus).  As we move into this state of  neutrality, our heart chakra opens, a flowering happens, where our thymus (seat of our immunity) is activated and we are correlating all the systems of the body.

The Physical, Vital, Mental/Emotional, Supramental (intuition) and Spiritual bodies, all come into alignment.  The Scale Wave laser and Indigo (quantum biofeedback device) can help us drop into this quantum field where healing can happen and where we can feel and understand at an experiential level that state of neutrality, of feeling connected.  The body is an amazing thing and it knows how to find solutions to problems or imbalances/stress…we just need to nurture it, give it the right information and it will heal.

We have been led to believe that there is something wrong with our bodies, that we need to give it drugs and perform surgery and other invasive procedures but this is false information we have been brainwashed to believe.  We are part of nature and each part of us reflects the complexity of the Universe from the microcosm to the macrocosm.  From each atom with the electrons moving around it,  to the solar system, to the galaxies.  We are scaler in nature, non linear and self regulating.

We have an opportunity now to move into a positon of empowerment within ourselves to create positive health, not just disease prevention.  We can take charge of our lives, be our own doctors, stop feeding the pharmaceutical companies and AMA, which is now becoming the number one reason for deaths in the United States.   Each one of us can join with others in co-operation as we realize we are part of the whole and that what we do, think and say has an effect on everything else.  We can now use our consciousness in more positive ways to open our hearts and flower into a new paradigm of creating positive health, cooperation in community projects that support life and the environment and support grass root projects of self sustaining agriculture, organic farming and a money system that is not dependant on the big banking system that is robbing so many of us of our life savings.

There has been an excellent movie produced recently called “THRIVE’, I would invite everyone to view this movie as it gives an excellent review of what is going on in the world and how we can together make a change as we go into this new cycle of change.  I think it imperative that we do this, take action for the survival and freedom of us all.





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