Naturopathic/Wellness Coaching

Naturopathic/Wellness Coaching

MonarchDr. Wendy Rudell has a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine from IQUIM (International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine)and is certified with the NTCB (Natural therapies certification board) as a Naturopathic Coach.  She offers extensive wellness coaching in diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes to bring about optimum health and well being.  She incorporates living foods, upgrading your present food choices, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits, pure water, herbs, tonics, homeopathics, specialty teas, supplements, and grounding technology to support a healthy lifestyle and longevity.

Wendy’s gentle approach empowers each individual to work at their own speed to make the changes that will bring about their health goals.  She can work with you at whatever level of health you are at and design a program of change that will be fun, exciting and life changing.

She does this by first looking at your present eating and lifestyle habits and gently coaching you on making better choices.  Often addictive patterns lay in metabolic imbalances and poor dietary choices,  so she addresses these with biofeedback therapy and supernutrition.

As a coach, for lasting results Wendy encourages each person to make a  committment of time to achieve their health goals whatever those may be.   For more information or a consultation please feel free to email Wendy at or call for an appointment at 624 144 0769. Mexico.

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