Integrative Medicine


Wendy integrates many different modalities into her work.  Her focus is in Natural Medicine but she honors and respects what modern medicine has to offer as well.  She is very open to working with local physicans offering an integrative approach to health and wellness.

Some of the modalities she works with are: Quantum Biofeedback, Cold Laser Therapy, Breathwork, Essential Oils (man’s original medicine derived from plants to protect them from disease), Quantum Touch (supercharging Reiki), Massage Therapy, Colon therapy, Cleansing and Detoxing, Live and Superfood nutrition, Chinese Herbal Medicine,  Electro Acupuncture, Auricular Therapy, Ayuvedic Medicine,  Grounding technology, Hypnosis, and Bio Identical Hormone testing and balancing to name a few.

Wendy strongly believes in an integrative approach as each individual is unique and we never know for sure what path the body will respond to the best so incorporating one of more of these approaches allows a broader range for the body to choose from when coming back into balance.


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