Quantum Biofeedback

 Wendy works with the Indigo, the newest most advanced form of biofeedback available on the market.  To understand more about this technology please go to the website:  http://alternativehealthcommunity.com/blog/what-is-scio-epfx-biofeedback/  If you have trouble accessing this site then copy and paste in your browser.

This technology is the largest computerized wholistic health program in the world and has the ability to not only detect stress in whatever form that it shows up as in the body (pathogens, deficiencies, organ weakness, allergies, hormone imbalances, etc, ) but it can retrain the body to mitigate and even reverse these stress indicators.  Wendy uses this device to assess the present health of the individual giving her invaluable information about her client’s present health and helps her to make the recommendations necessary for bringing her client’s health back into balance.   Depending on the severity of stresses present Wendy may recommend a series of biofeedback sessions to help achieve one’s health goals.

When the body is free of stress the body is balanced and quantum biofeedback can help achieve this goal.   However Wendy emphasises that it is the responsibility of each person to do their part in changing their lifestyle, eating habits, exercise, water etc to give the body what it needs to hold the therapy that is given.

You can access more detailed information on how it all works by going  to the website,


It is recommended that you do this before making an appointment so that more time can be spent with the actual therapy than answering questions pertaining to ‘how this works, etc”.

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