Quantum Laser Testimonials

I have had chronic earaches since childhood. The Scalar Wave laser has taken away pain in my mastoid and slowed down the drainage to a manageable level. My immune system is so much stronger and my sinuses are clear.

– Kristy


When I arrived at the presentation last night, I was very uncomfortable from low back and right hip pain. During the evening I ran the UNWIND program and then focused the laser on my right hip.


the way home, I was aware of some kind of movement of energy in my entire pelvic girdle. By the time I got home, I was feeling very relaxed and in NO PAIN. And I was starving! SLEPT LIKE a baby!

– Beth W.


I bought my laser on April 18, 2009 when Paul and Lillie did a presentation in Hollywood, Fl. I was delighted with the idea that it would help me with the lack of sleep and muscle pain from my having fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with this condition several years ago and nothing has worked.

As a woman, I was also motivated by vanity because I heard that it could help you look younger and delay aging. July 4th was going to be my 63rd birthday, so I decided this was going to be my birthday gift.

I was so excited with all the things the laser was suppose to do for my well being that I wanted to share with my friends and I asked Lillie if they could come to Miami and I would host a Gathering. It was scheduled for May 31st.

On the morning of May 17, two week before this event, I was walking toward my car when a SUV, going on reverse, hit me from the back causing me to fall. The SUV then rolled over my left foot.

After an ambulance ride to the hospital and a long day of x-rays, I learned that I had multiple fractures in my left foot. They put my foot in a temporary cast, gave me a prescription for pain relief, a referral to see an orthopedic surgeon, and sent me home.

As soon as I got home I thought that the Scalar Wave Laser might help with the pain. I placed the red probe inside the cast through the front opening. I used it all night and, to my delight, it reduced the pain so much that I didn’t even have to take an aspirin. Nothing at all. Every time I started to have pain I ran another session with the Red Probe.

The next day I went to see the orthopedic physician I was referred to. After more x-rays the doctor came to the room with his assistant and said, “I have news for you, you may have to have not only one surgery but maybe two, and I can not promise you that you will walk again the same way you did before the accident.”

As soon I heard him, I said to myself “He is not going to see me again, because if he does not trust in himself on the outcome of the surgery he wants to do on me, why should I trust him?”

After I returned home I scheduled a 2nd opinion with one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Florida. After that visit, it was confirmed that, due to multiple fractures, immediate surgery was necessary.

He also asked me what medication I was taking for the pain to which I replied “nothing, I am using a laser”. Apparently he did not believe me and gave me another prescription for the pain. I never filled the prescription because I did not need it. I continued using my red probe and laser for the pain. It was working well, I had no pain, and was able to sleep like a baby without any problem.

I was worried because I was the hostess for the first gathering in Miami, which was now less than a week away, and I was in a wheel chair. No one from the company knew about my accident because I did not want to reschedule the Gathering as so many people in need were looking forward to meeting Paul & Lillie.

In the mean time I was using my laser like crazy, day and night, and there was still no pain. I had no idea at the time that the laser was moving the bones, little by little, back into alignment.

When I returned to the orthopedic surgeons office for a follow-up, the surgeon and his assistant were viewing the new x-rays and kept asking for the previous x-rays because, they said, “the bones were much closer than was expected”.

He looked at me, and said, “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it, because you may not need to have the surgery”. He even wrote in the record about my positive attitude and that I refused to take medication for pain.

After that appointment I returned to my primary physician who requested a NEW set of new x-rays to be sure everything was fine. The result? They stated that there was no evidence of previous injury in that foot.


THANK YOU PAUL & LILLIE for the Scalar Wave Laser!

– Dr. Hortensia N. Ph.D.


I had a severe pinched nerve in my neck that radiated intense pain in my right shoulder blade. This reduced the strength in my right arm to about 20% and my entire arm would go numb and my hand would contract (like a charley horse) several times a day.

My doctor told me that the nerves had been damaged and would not regenerate.  I used the laser and the red probe on my neck, with Unwind and Cell Regeneration settings, twice day for about five weeks. The pain was reduced after the first treatment and my arm is back to normal now.

Another amazing experience with the laser was after I took a long barefoot walk on the beach in Hawaii. By the time I returned to my hotel room the hot sidewalks and sand had burned the bottom of my feet, and they had filled up with liquid.

I fully expected to loose the skin after draining the liquid. I used unwind for about 10 minutes per foot that morning and again that night. The next morning the liquid had completely reabsorbed, but the skin was still loose. I repeated the unwind treatments that morning and night. The next morning the skin had completely reattached to my foot and both blisters healed without the skin dying and having to me removed. I now have a new Doctor who doesn’t write prescriptions for drugs… Dr. Scalar Wave!


– Kevin J.


Sunday night my husband went out to walk the dog. He lost his footing on the false curb, fell forward and landed on side of face, smashing his hand into chest/ribs, and skinning his knee. He was pretty shaken and unstable. Walking after that there was a great deal of pain, discomfort.

Immediately, I worked the Laser on the various areas where he was feeling the most pain, particularly his lung/chest area for breathing difficult. Within an hour, his pain was reduced by about 75%. He was able to sleep the night in spite of the rib being out of place & got to the chiropractor on his own the next morning. Programs used: Unwind, Quantum, Cohere, Lung.

This is truly an amazing tool!

– Cheryl V.


I was medically diagnosed with a torn meniscus in my right knew and surgery was prescribed.

Since using the Scalar Wave Laser for three one-hour sessions, I have observed no more symptoms or popping and burning. I continue to use the laser once a week for Four minutes as a touch up. I am no longer limping and I feel more confident since the pain has been gone for over two months.

I love my laser and so appreciate the healing I have received due to its amazing effective healing technology.

– Harvey P.


My husband has had ongoing foot infections (off and on) since he was in Desert Storm. With ten days of Scalar Wave therapy to his feet, the condition was completely resolved. This was a real “SEE THE DIFFERENCE” change.

I was diagnosed with a multi-nodular goiter and hypothyroidism. My doctor prescribed thyroid replacement so I could get of bed and combat depression and obesity. After using the laser, I now have normal thyroid functions test results, no depression, and much more energy and have enjoyed significant weight loss.

– Julie R.


I had an invitation from Joyce T. (a former health clinic client) to listen to a Scalar Wave session. Fortunately, after trying it on unwind for 20 minutes on my neck the lump that had been there for 40+ years dissolved.

When I first entered the hotel for the seminar, I could hardly go up the stairs to the event; my left foot and leg hurt. Now, it disappeared. I can now walk up or down the stairs pain free. I also sleep better, my digestion, and elimination is normal.

I highly recommend the Scalar Wave laser from my personal experience.

I have had ten years training and experience with Erchonia and Clarius brand lasers, and can attest to the fact that the Scalar Wave laser technology is extremely effective.

– Hilda W.


I had some bad tooth pain last week, thought I would need to go have the root canal done. I put the laser on Unwind and the pain has gone away! Also use the laser on Sleep for 4 minutes before bed. WOW!!!

– Chris A.


For many years I’ve dealt with getting in and out of bed with great difficulty and pain. I’ve been to the chiropractor and orthopedist for help, and only received minimal relief. At that time the pain would come and go in my lower back. I couldn’t sit for more than 30 minutes without pain. I also had acupuncture done with little relief and in total, saw six different chiropractors and finally found one I got some relief from.

I had MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) done and it helped. I could then go up steps and sit through a movie and not limp when leaving. I met Cathy S. and was absolutely amazed when I left with no pain! I saw Cathy several times after that, and ended up buying my own laser in March 2010 prior to my trip to Europe. I was fearful of being in constant paid after sitting so long on the plane and walking around Europe, but now believe that won’t be a problem at all. I love my laser and share it with others in pain. THANK YOU PAUL!

– Robbie W.


I had hip (back) pain at least once a week. When I visited my friend, she used the Scalar Wave laser on me for about 20 minutes.

After the treatment, I stood up, and the pain was gone. I was so surprised! I felt I had definitely experienced some special power.

– Masaji T.


My life has been filled with physical trauma. It started with domestic violence when I was a child and suffered my first of 7 concussions. Continued by having many accidents ranging from totaling my Volvo with a truck, bad wipe out with my boogie board and huge wave, several car accidents including a head on, and more. One could say I had a death wish.

Consistent pain was in my back, neck, shoulders, head, and sharp pains from low back down both of my legs, and hip pain too. For the past few decades I had a mission to get out of pain. My nervous system was shot so I had PTSD to boot!

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and at least 30% of my precious time to get better health and put freedom and fun back into my body and life. I’ve traveled to Brazil to see the famous healer John of God, to weekly visits of receiving bodywork of all kinds. Some modalities were deep tissue, acupuncture, chiropractor, physical therapy, cranial sacral, energy work, osteopaths, Rolfing, and more. Western doctors wanted to give me pain pills, I refused.

I finally found something that is working more than anything I have ever tried, it is the Quantum Laser. I have been using this laser 2 times a day for just over 3 months.

Before using the laser my daily chronic pain level was rated 4-8 and 10 being the most painful (like being hit by a truck). Sometimes I felt so hopeless and depressed I would say to God, “if my life is like this now and getting worse as I age I wanted to die.” Now my pain level is reduced to a 1 and moving toward 0. No more waking up with pain!!!

I had Thermography, kind of a safe x-ray done.(it is some kind of pro-active imaging that is non toxic where they find problems in your body in early stages) before and after my using the laser and now I have scientific proof of the reduction of inflammation in my body about 50%-70% in less than 3 months.

My team of healers noticed that my body has improved and several of them had a look of bewilderment when they saw how different my body is. Even my eyelashes have grown thicker and longer since my thyroid is balancing itself out. My adult daughters asked me if I had cosmetic work done, and almost didn’t believe me when I said no. They say I am looking about 10-15 yrs younger. I even did 9 cartwheels straight in a row on the beach the other day!

One more thing, I have shared this with several friends and they shared the magic light with others. By my me sharing my story and laser over 30 lives have been changed for the better. I am making a real difference when people are getting out of pain and have hope again.

My life and other lives had been transformed. I am eternally grateful for Paul and Lily making this possible. I have the gift of Joy, strength, and flexibly back in my body and this is a major blessing.

Thank you!

Dale B.


My mom has a fractured spine from an 18-wheeler rear-ending her at 85 mph. She had a hip replacement, arthritis and osteoporosis. The laser is capable of totally making her intense pain dissipate. The first two weeks, it helped her start walking better by alleviating the pain. Pain comes and goes but at night she takes the laser to bed, and she wakes up pain-free.

She is hopeful that her bones will heal and her walking becomes easier and permanently free of pain. She was a major skeptic when she started.

– Billie P.


I tried the laser on my foot during the two days I attended seminar. I always had pain in my feet when walking, and couldn’t walk barefoot at all. For the first time, I was able to walk around the house barefoot. I don’t have any pain in the foot, which was constant before. Also, I’m not feeling as stressed. It seems like my body is more relaxed.

– Lisa T.


When I was ten years old, I fell on the stairs and hurt my back/tailbone area. Ever since then I have always felt my lower back was locked up, but I had dealt with it for so long I thought it was just bad breeding.

When my lower back loosened and let go, I really felt the new flow of energy affect my body like a small dam breaking and a warm nourishing liquid filling my body.

– M. M.


My son Jackson damaged his knee so severely it required surgery. He followed the rehab process faithfully. His surgeon explained it would never be like before and his pain and limited range of motion would be permanent. He discovered Scalar Wave laser and treated his knee for a month. He is now pain free and has complete range of motion.

– J. Mack S.


A young client in the first day of her menstrual cycle had pain so bad she had to stay home from school or work. Generally going to bed. We used the laser on unwind on the five main points, then over her ovaries. She went home happy and pain free. Has been back one other time, but feel she is now free of the discomfort.

– Jeanette S.


I absolutely love my laser. I have owned it now for 6 months. My health challenges over the past 13 years have been related to autoimmune illnesses…Lupus and RA. Since purchasing the laser I have not only had decreased joint pain involvement, but joints that were unstable from erosion due to years of swelling and disease aggression are getting stronger and becoming more stable. My husband uses the laser as well and was treating a chronic fungal infection on both his great toes. The nail has now begun to grow in normally and the unsightly black discoloration has gone. In the process we noticed that he has begun to grow new hair in the balding spot on the top of his head!

I have shared my laser with my friends and family and they are amazed at how calming the unwind protocol makes them feel. It has help ease pulled muscles, rib pain, etc. I believe it should be part of everyone’s home first aid kit.

– J. O.


A few weeks ago I got introduced to the Scalar Wave laser in my hometown. During the meeting we got to try the Laser. My lower back is for years (accident at 12) in constant pain. After the meeting I was for 1 ½ days pain free.

I’m looking forward to more pain free days after purchasing a laser.

– Martha C.


We have a lady in Manitoba that burnt herself so badly, she was scheduled for skin graphs and extreme reconstructive surgery. After 2 weeks of 3 hours/day she is back to her job as a music teacher, and the doctors are completely dumbfounded and amazed. Her hands were burnt to the bone and 2 weeks later, you can hardly tell aside from some pink skin.

– Jalquoi A.


I am 15 years old, and for the past two years, I have gradually developed kyphosis. About two weeks ago, I visited a specialist for my back, and they informed me that there was a very slim chance that my condition would improve. They fitted me for a brace (which I did not like) and I began to believe I would live in pain forever.

A week ago my friend told me about the laser, and thought it might help me. I was a little skeptical at first, but agreed to abandon the brace idea and come this weekend to see what it was all about.

I have to say, that after last night, my back has definitely improved and most of my pain is subsiding. This laser is amazing! I hope my parents come home with one.

– Dorian P.


About a year ago I was having problems with my lower back and legs, caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal. Affecting the L4&5 spinal vertebrae, causing the nerves specifically the sciatic nerve, to be pinched, causing at times various levels pain and disability in my legs and lower back. I was prescribed several medications ranging from morphine, codeine, and many other pharmaceuticals to little success.

I was introduced to the Scalar Wave Laser, in October 2009. Since then I have been able to eliminate the need for these pharmaceuticals.

The Scalar Wave Laser has reduced my discomfort; I have a greater range of motion, greater physical peace, and the ability for better rest, to a better way of life.

Thank-you Paul & Lillie. Continued success on future products.

– Peter & Bambi


I did the laser on cell regeneration on my kneecap as I had injured it, and my knee has stopped clicking and I have no pain now.

– Stan F.


I was recently in a horse riding incident where my shoulder muscles suffered severe strain. I felt like I had been in a car accident. I am new to the laser so with skepticism I tried using it on my sore shoulders. The next morning I woke up completely pain free. I am no longer a skeptic.

– Lynne B.


I like to sit with my feet under me, but it causes severe pain in my knee. I grabbed the Scalar Wave and used the rejuv and sooth program for 12 minutes each. The pain left and did not come back for nearly 4 months. I now use it on a more regular basis just to keep the pain away.

– Shirley R.


The second time I was exposed to the laser I had a wonderful result with hip pain that I had in my right hip for over three years. It felt great to finally be free of this pain, as it had affected my sleep, my endurance, my mood, and my overall well-being.

I continue to use the laser for my family and myself, and also in my practice.

One of the things I really like about this laser is the transportability. I throw it in my purse like a cell phone, and use it and share it wherever I go.

I did a 60-mile walk with 150 other women this summer-I carried my laser with me and used it all along the way. I credit the laser for my being able to finish the walk in a healthier state than I would have without it.

– Dianne P.


My husband and I were under incredible stress. I had also been told I had a fast growing tumor in my ovary and the bones of my mouth were all dying from “cavitations” (I had had extensive dental and orthodontic work done). I was a mess!

In May I purchased the laser and red probe. We used it every day and often were impatiently waiting for the other to finish so we could both have our turn on it. My husband and I got through our ordeal and brought closure to the situation. We not only managed our bodily pain during that time, but we both improved. Chronic pain is no longer a part of our daily lives. I continue to “zap” my jawbones. There have been no symptoms from my ovary for months. I am going for my annual medical exam at the end of the month. I expect a clean bill of health.

I have a friend who tried the laser while visiting us. He had an old sports injury that had caused him pain daily for 20 years. After about 1 hour on the laser he has been pain free. (that was in August)

– Barbara F.


I have a friend who introduced me to the laser in the summer of ’09 following a knee injury. It was an emotional time in which I could not work or garden and basically get on with my life.

The laser treatments helped me to relax into a place where I could leave my stress and go to a place of healing. Physically the pain in my knee was erased and I know that prior to the laser I would have perhaps had to endure surgery.

– Bev F.


My mother is 72 years old, and has numerous health challenges. She’s had a quarter of her right lobe removed from her lung, which also required Chemotherapy and radiation. Through numerous tests it was also discovered she has an aortic aneurysm (5.1cm). She then had to go back for radiation as some of her lymph nodes became cancerous. Due to all of this, she frequently suffers from generalized pain, swelling in her ankles and arms. Lately, neuralgia has set in her right TMJ (jaw). It is excruciatingly painful. When I first started using the laser in October, after going to a number of presentations I’ve been encouraged to use unwind and quantum on her. After 4-5 treatments, the pain in my mother’s jaw has reduced remarkably. I might also add, that my relationship with my Mom, which can be difficult, has also improved. To see my mother opening up and trusting the process is a gift, which I feel the Quantum frequency has been a catalyst for.

– Lynne P.


Last March (09) I fell into my cupboard and gashed the top of my head 10 inches. I required 25 stitches and was gashed to the skull.

After several months of healing my scar begin pulling. I set my laser on unwind and placed it on different parts of the 10″ scar or wherever I felt it pull. The pulling disappeared. The next day it came back so I repeated the process and the pull disappeared. Next I went to the scar mode and placed it on the scar area. The pull disappeared for 5 days. I repeated the process on scar mode and the pull has disappeared completely. Yeah!

– Betty-Lou S.


I am ever so pleased that my friend invited me to experience the Scalar Wave Laser. After two short sessions my sciatica is almost pain free and my foot has stopped “burning.” Thank you so much.

– Sherry M.


I came to the seminar, with a sinus headache. While using laser on unwind, my sinuses started to drain, and forehead of pain decreased.

– Sharon K.


My niece’s partner complains of neck pain, and has been suffering from this for a long time. He didn’t believe in alternative methods, and thought they were “rubbish” He tried the laser, and the pain was gone. His pain hasn’t returned, and it’s been two month. Now he believes.

– Helen S.


While caring for my beautiful mother in the last months of her life, I developed a heel spur. I suffered with this terribly painful condition for 5 long months. Shortly after receiving my laser in November ’09, it took only 3 sessions on “Unwind” directly on the heel area and the condition has totally disappeared!

I also had a large almost “golf-ball” sized fat cell that protruded from my left side. After each session I would run the “Fat Cells” program over it and it has almost completely melted away!

My experience with the laser continues to be a journey towards rejuvenation and regeneration that has me very excited! The Scalar Wave Laser is an empowering tool that allows the body to “unwind,” delete stress, receive energy for repair and to reach the blissful state of “Still Point.”

“Let There Be Light”

– Cindy R.


My name is Martin and I have been involved with “energy medicine” for many years. I have had the pleasure of giving and sharing my gifts with those people who are open to another method to assist their bodies natural healing rather than relying only on mainstream medicine. There is a great need for both!

In June 2009, I had surgery on my left knee for torn meniscus ligaments and arthritis damage. It really hurt BEFORE the surgery! After the surgery it only seemed to get WORSE. I have a demanding job, and walk a lot throughout the day. As more time passed, things did not improve! To get through the day or to sleep at night, it was common for me to take 21 milligrams of melatonin AND 100-150 milligrams of Demerol for the pain.

In Jan. 2010, my wife and I attended a presentation on Lasers in Regina, Sask. A friend of ours had invited us, and I said to myself “Ya, ok” we will go. Good Decision! The day of the presentation, I had taken nothing for the pain, and during the session my left knee started to hurt. The pain level went from a 7 to a 12. Then it really started hurting to the point where the knee went completely numb. It hurt so badly, I had tears in my eyes and almost wanted to cut it off. Yes really that did go thru my mind.

One of the organizers of the session let me use one of the demo lasers. After approximately 10-15 minutes, the pain level went down to an eight! (I was willing to keep the leg at that point)

I had an opportunity to have a One-hour treatment session with another friend. Going into that session I was at 7-8 pain level. Upon leaving the session the level of pain was approximately four.

In Feb. 2010, Gisele and I attended a session with Paul at the Regina Inn, and I used the laser and probes for a long period of time. Going into the weekend, my pain level was at 7-8. After using and working with them, the pain level went to a two!

By using the lasers, my “stress” level from the pain, etc. has dropped a lot. My wife has noticed a HUGE difference in me. There is more I could share about my knee and the lasers, but enough is enough!

Try the lasers. The only thing you may lose is the pain!!!

– Martin C.


I have had a problem with my hip for about three years. Massage therapists, chiros could not pinpoint where the pain was.

I purchased the laser in November, and after using it for a few weeks, I do not have the pain anymore.

– Helen P.


My mother-in-law has a frozen shoulder as well as major arthritis. She has not really been able to use her arm.

After her first session she felt pain free and was actually able to use her arm to help pull herself out of bed the next morning.

– George C.


I’m facing back surgery. Had laser treatment, decreased pain level by 70%. Bought a laser and plan to decrease the pain even more.

– Kathryn H.


Since using the laser my back pain, getting up 1 to 4 times per night to urinate, taking medicine to stop sinus headaches, migraines, and taking pain medicine to treat my fibromyalgia has completely stopped. The laser is the only thing that has helped me to do this in only 1 month. I am working on other things and am very confident the laser will also help me to do this. Thank you for this healing machine!

– Corey P.


Ever since I have started using the laser I have not had to take any pain relievers such as Motrin, Advil or even Tylenol. This is amazing since I could not sleep without taking something before bed.

– Joan M.


My name is Laurie and I purchase my laser at the end of Nov. 09. I made the decision to purchase my laser after seeing a dramatic change in my brother. He drives truck for a living and came home with his back all jammed. He had one session that lasted approximately 1.5 hours. Upon getting off the table, I saw that his color had change completely. I could see in the days after that session that not only was the pain reduced by 90%, his whole personality changed. He was happier and calmer.

– Laurie S.


I am blessed with Chemical Intolerance. It is extreme and life threatening at times. In early April my left foot had a sudden burning pain up to my ankle. The pain was intense, tears were shed. The SCIO told me it was chemical, and gave the name of the chemical. Upon researching it, we found it was an herbicide that the courtyard had been sprayed with that day, and had unknowingly walked through it. The SCIO brought the pain from a 15 to a 10, Frankincense gave me temporary relief. At my 1st Scalar Wave Laser event, I found the setting called “Detox” and placed the unit over the pain on my foot. After two (4) minute rounds, the pain dropped to 5 and then Paul told me about the Ozone setting! NOW NO PAIN AT ALL!

My son-in-law had a bad infected wound on his thumb. He had done 2 rounds of antibiotics by the time I got to him. Dr. was putting fear of MRSA into his head. 3 minutes w/ Scalar Wave and Red probe on Pleo stopped pain reduced swelling. Next day wound was 90% healed.

I almost forgot, my melanoma is shrinking and has stopped “Buzzing” I annoy my Doc because I refuse treatments but she is amazed at my progress. She was my third sale and I have promised her not to die before my time!

– Kristy M.


I was in an automobile accident a few months ago and was prescribed medication for the inflammation and pain by a doctor. Of course, the medication gave me very bad side effects and was not effective. A friend loaned me her scaler wave laser for 2 days and I had such wonderful relief, that I had to order my own laser. I have used my laser everyday since I have received it, and I truly love my laser! Everyone should own one!

– Victoria M.


A 78-year-old friend of mine hurt her foot about 21 years ago. When it happened, her right foot ended up twisted backwards under her leg. This caused a major leg and groin injury as well.

She was not able to feel her foot properly. It was numb and felt “leathery.”

After using the Scalar Wave Laser on her foot and the red probe on her leg, she experienced amazing pain relief. She exclaimed that she was going to tell everyone about the Scalar Wave Laser!

Two weeks after I bought the laser I tore the meniscus in my knee and was in extreme pain and could not bend or put pressure on my knee.

I used the laser on my knee every day on the Unwind protocol. I also used Ligament, Muscle, Relieve, Soothe, Endorphins, and the Spleen meridian. Within four days, my knee felt 85% better, and in one week, 90% better! After two weeks, the pain was 99% gone, and no longer required pain medication or surgery. I was amazed! Wow!

– Jane S.


When she left, she was able to walk normally, without limping, and without any pain! She was very happy!

– Dr. Gail S.


I was diagnosed with a hernia through an ultrasound. Luckily I had been introduced to the Scalar laser and had approx. 12 or 13 treatments on the area. The surgeon wanted to do a second ultrasound to confirm the place of the hernia. This was two months later and it was inconclusive, they could not see the hernia opening. I continue to do treatments to completely heal the area.

– Patti L.


I was preparing dinner and I needed a cookie sheet. My son placed it on my gas stove, beside the pot of water I was boiling.

After a time I picked up the cooked sheet and by the time I got it over to the cupboard to drop it, I had a bad burn.

I immediately put my hand under water. I was wondering what to do. I knew I couldn’t drive my vehicle with a stick shift. I thought about my laser. I put it on for close to 1-½ hours on Pleo, Relieve, Activate, and cell regeneration. Before going to bed I had NO pain and a slight scar.

The next day after rewinding, I did the same settings as the previous night plus scar. I went for a run came back looked at my hand–No scar and NO pain.

– Diane R.


I was in the Saskatoon meeting for the first Quantum introduction. I had tried the basic laser on knees that evening during the meeting. I had pain free knees for nearly two weeks. I had attending the Regina meeting Feb 5-7 and purchased our first laser and probe.

– Brian M.


Ten days ago I injured my lower back, pushing a car in a snowstorm. I continually two times daily used my laser on the unwind-adrenals, sacrum and occipital and thymus. My back pain has disappeared.

– Barbara C.


I made a last minute decision to attend the Quantum Laser Seminar in Regina on Friday Feb 5, 2010. Along the way, driving from Winnipeg to Regina, I almost felt like turning back because everything from top to toe was acting up. My injured shoulder ached; my lower back was so sore I could barely sit in my seat. I was tired and one of the molars in my mouth just started to throb for no reason.

I used the laser on every possible part of my body that evening, including my adrenals, sacrum, back of the head, and thymus as directed. By the end of the evening I was feeling renewed, refreshed and significantly relieved of much of my distress. I wasn’t totally pain free, but I was on the right path. Even the tooth settled down so that I could sleep that night. Cranky and miserable renewed into happy and content.

– Debra B.


I used the Quantum laser all day yesterday on my elbow which gives me pain when turning a doorknob or carrying things, moving in different situations- I must admit it does feel very relieved today and is not as sore and inflamed as before using the laser. I also used it to open up adrenals and other glands. I slept better last night to my disbelief!

– Shari S.


I have had numerous broken bones and initially bought the laser to use on my clients but it makes such a difference in my own feet that I use it daily on myself and am officially pain free! Unwind and Quantum directly on my feet for 4 min each and I feel immediate relief.

– Jacqui A.


Immediately upon putting the laser on my back I felt a sense of calmness. I wanted to try it on my lungs because I have had some serious scar tissues that tend to bleed when they are irritated. I normally cough from the moment I get up in the morning throughout the night and all day. When I slept that night for the first time in years I felt like I could breathe a bit easier and slept throughout the night without coughing. This is definitely the protocol that I have been searching for. Thank-you.

– Gisele C.


What an incredible quantum tool for self-empowered healing!! Thank you so much Paul and Lillie. I have had nothing miraculous results with all my clients, family and friends with the Scalar Wave Laser.

I am most impressed with how my 14 year old son had ripped a large chunk of skin from the inside of his palm and instead of asking me to nurse it for him, he went straight to my laser bag and proceeded to treat himself with three programs of four minutes each. He “then” came to show me how the bleeding had stopped and how the first layer of skin had formed over the wound. Wow, the Scalar Wave Laser provides an opportunity for a new generation to have a tool to be self-empowered in their own healing process.

– Monica N.


After by-pass surgery my husband was on a trach. When the trach was removed, he was unable to swallow. The speech therapist said that 5% of the people who have a trac never regain their ability to swallow and she felt that he was one of the 5%. I called a friend, and asked what we should do? He suggested Unwind, Quantum then do Ligaments and Muscle on both sides of his throat. I did, and he swallowed the next day. I continued the treatment every day for one week. His throat was x-rayed and the technician said, “this is impossible, it’s like a miracle, I am looking at a new throat.” After one week, all the cells in the throat had completely regenerated.

– Kathryn F.


I used the laser for four minutes on each side of the head of a friend of mine who had migraine headaches since 1994. He also had a brain tumor taken out in 1996. I saw him a month or so later, and he informed me that he has had NO HEADACHES since the laser treatment.

– Nancy L.


A woman came to see me with severe pain and physical limitation. She is on disability from a career of journalism, has been unable to write, use the computer or travel for several years.

After a one-hour session using Neurons, Unwind, Pleo and Ozone, she was able to move her “frozen shoulder” for the first time in years. Her pain has improved from 8 out of 10 to a two. She has not used any pain medication since, and is now full of life after two weeks.

– Valentina K.


A young man age 32 is sent to emergency three times. He had chest paints, high blood pressure. He was in fear of having a heart attack. I used the laser on him, on unwind and quantum, and miracle. He was due to go in the hospital two days later to get stents put in his heart. When he met with his doctor two days later, it was determined by the doctor that he did not need any medical procedures.

– Eht-El T.


We received our laser and red probe last Monday. Upon sharing some info about scalar wave energy and waiting while my slow boil Swedish husband to consider it and purchase it for us we studied more and learned to use unwind, quantum, and all essential settings.

Although a skeptic after a 1.5 hr treatment as stated above, my husband had pain relief and more energy directly. He is now a convert and ambassador.

– Lief & Michelle J.


Reconstructive Foot/Toe Surgery = Healing occurring 3x faster! This is second such surgery I have undergone-exact surgery same.

Stitches grew over before being taken out because medical system has a schedule 1 stitches should have been taken out in 1/3rd the time.  After two months of repeated and daily use, I have healing akin to 6 months on the last same surgery. (I now have limited swelling and pain and have mobility and range similar to a much longer healing time.

– Vannette K.


I recently experienced a sensational session of [Scalar Wave laser] with Harvey Pearlman.

My inquiry was caused by foolishly moving a 25″ TV (old style) out to the trash this included my back and shortly after my left knee.

In twisting the knee it caused a bone to displace- Harvey had his laser a few days, we decided to try said laser on my knee and we were sitting talking (about 2 minutes) when we heard a pop and my leg went up in the air- (a couple of inches) we both looked at each other in surprise- (at that time I had been sporting around a knee brace) we removed the brace and to our surprise my knee had no pain at that time!

– Helen J. R.


I purchased the laser in Oct of 2009. It is changing my field. I have been unwinding and no matter how crazy my life is I have an inner calmness or Stillpoint as Paul calls it. I feel as though I am observing the madness around me and I take it in and end up laughing about it for it doesn’t serve me anymore so I just unwind and go for a walk on the beach and expand. The laser has also helped me with my teeth I have a root canal is left front tooth and a cracked molar it takes away the throbbing and clears the bacteria. Life is a challenge and the laser has allowed everything to flow better for my nervous system and me is so much calmer and I can feel my field shifting and it’s a blessing. Namaste

– Heather H.


When I tried the scalar wave laser for an extended period of time, I began to see noticeable results.

I had a “stuck” sacrum that I could not get unstuck with any of my modalities. Wanting to avoid a chiropractic appointment, I used the laser for nearly two hours and by the next day, the sacrum felt perfect and 2 months later, it has remained clear and free from pain. At a different point in time, I have had horrendous headache and wasn’t sure I would get through the day. I had the opportunity to put one laser on each side of my neck for two hours. My headache was gone and my neck felt incredibly free.

– Annette M.


My son fell on his elbow. The Doctor’s exam lead us to believe that surgery would be needed. The QWL w/ ultra violet probe took 30 seconds to stop pain. Another two minutes apparently inspired his body to heal the injured nerve. He no longer complains about it.

– Kristy Moore H.


The first night after buying the laser my phone ringing and a patient was crying with a headache like none she had ever had-as she talked I put her in my mind in front of me. As she continued to talk, I heard her voice start to change after about 25 min. I ask about the headache, and she said it was “Gone.” I then I explained to her what I was doing and about the laser. She was my first sell.

– JoAnn W.


One night something went very wrong with my knee and really I could barely walk–forget about just limping. I went to bed, did the general protocol and then went to the worse area on the knee-unwind, quantum, pleo and relieve. Went to sleep and no problem walking when I awoke.

– Zoi H.


I performed a liposcultpture recently using the laser before and after the procedure. Usually following the procedure patient would be very sore, inflamed and tender. It would usually take up to two months of lymphatic drainage to experience some comfort. With the laser I was convinced I had a tool that could improve the outcome 48 hr after the surgery.

My patient used the laser and the infrared probe combined. She had 2 other sessions before I saw her again. On the 7th day post surgery the result I got was equivalent to 2 months of lymphatic drainage. Patient had absolutely no pain in the 7th day, to the point that 3 family members scheduled for surgery with me.

– Jean-Mario P. MD


My niece has several case of fibromyalgia. I took a week off work and went home to treat her. After 1 basic unwind the first night. The next day she took off her pain patch and was able to do thing she had not done in a while. She is continuing to improve every week and learning.

– Karen S.


Fooling around with my son I fell and tore my right knee ACL and meniscus. Literally I felt like my knee was hanging off my upper thigh many Dr’s and people said you would never be able to run or walk far distance w/o surgery, my colleague began to laser me and I continued and eventually bought one. I used the Unwind on my knee and adrenals. I never had to have surgery, and now walk and run. I am so grateful for the laser. Thank you

– Saundra C.


I broke my back, squished two vertebrae when I was thrown from a horse when I was 14. I have suffered great stiffness recently (50 years later). The laser has helped me greatly release tension in my lower back and I feel as if I can walk with more freedom, flexibility and pain free–the stiffness is almost gone–now I’m dealing with emotional feelings that were stored in my back. I am looking forward to complete healing.

– Barbara G.


A patient who had two prior back surgeries still has intractable back pain. An implanted electric stimulator in the spinal canal gave her no relief. She had a morphine pump injected and still continued to use large amounts of pain medication.

After 5 laser treatments she reduced her medication intake in half. Also prior to the laser treatments she was essentially home bound and following the laser Rx was able to go to the grocery store & do some shopping.

– Leonard K.


I have pain at lower back by twisting muscle. My friend did the cold laser about 20 minutes pain was gone.

I fell from tree several feet high. I got the pain at my hip. I tried cold laser about 20 minutes twice. Pain was gone

– Masaji T.


One day my husband got a phlebitis (severe) condition. Swollen leg-fever-redness and a vein very congested and ready to explode. I used the laser and in three days was completely no pain. Great!

– Lucy M. PhD


Using the laser on unwind for one week brought my husband out of a coma. Treactor Muscle and Ligament on the throat and he regained his ability to swallow in one day. Repeated each day for one week and his throat cells completely regenerated as confirmed by x-ray.

– Kathy F.


My dentist was about to go in for shoulder surgery within two weeks. He is a cosmetic dentist on Park Avenue in NYC after one treatment he felt some relief. Since he was my dentist and was having trouble holding the dental tools, I lent him my laser for one week between appointments. I told him to use it three times a day for about 45 minutes each time after the week was finished, he canceled his surgery.

– Joan C.


After spending five days at a touchy feely camp in rural CA, I expected to spend three pleasant days as a tourist in San Francisco. Almost immediately upon checking into my hotel, I knew that I was about to be desperately ill. I’m guessing that I shared a lot of close contact with a number of very sick people.

I was in bed for three solid days with the Scalar Wave Laser, barely eating anything. I knew at the onset that this was going to be very serious.

Had I not had the laser with me, I knew I would have been in the hospital. Instead, I was able to drive to Los Angeles to be at another five-day event.

I continued to use the laser and loaned it to a person who had a migraine. In three hours she was on the brink of being pain-free. Another person had some back pain. In two hours, she found significant relief. I returned home as a healthy, fully functioning person.

Jennifer L.


I was diagnosed with a hernia through an ultrasound. Luckily I had been introduced to the Scalar laser and had approx. 12 or 13 treatments on the area. The surgeon wanted to do a 2nd ultrasound to confirm the place of the hernia. This was two months later and it was inconclusive, they could not see the hernia opening. I continue to do treatments to completely heal the area.

– Patti L.


Six years ago, on August 16, 2003, I went to my doctor to get a routine checkup. The doctor proclaimed that I was “among the healthiest men he knew.” That night I had a hemorrhagic stroke. With it went my engineering career, my ability to dance, water-ski, snow-ski, ability to do all the other things that require a functional right side of the body….like writing, eating, shaking hands, etc. Therapy followed with fair results, though lacking the results expected.

On Jan.1, 2006 a TIA imposed itself on me, affecting my left side with numbness in the left hand and foot. It also noticeably affected my speech. In reality, the TIA tore down much of the benefits achieved from previous therapies. However, I kept a positive attitude, hoping there is something, somewhere that could restore my capabilities.

On Oct. 25, 2009, through a good friend, Georgette, I received an invitation to a demonstration featuring a Quantumwave Laser. I was told its successes in Europe, over the last 20 years, have been astounding. A charming professional, Cathy, aptly conducted the demo and afforded the attendees some actual hands-on-time.

By the end of the demo, I saw there would be help to eliminate my unyielding impairments! I was told this hand held device interacted with the body by rejuvenating and purifying the cell structure, preparing the untainted cells for new growth.

Hearing and seeing what this laser has done for others, was truly a triple “hallelujah” day for me! I reasoned that if I could possess one of these lasers, I would become a fully functional person again!

After attending a second demo session, I was offered the opportunity by Cathy, to use a Quantum Wave Laser, in my home, for a two-day period to test its effect on my stroke-related impairments. I was elated with this generous gesture. I had little knowledge about the 110 specific protocols in this laser, and had no instruction manual. None-the-less, I decided to make the most of this opportunity. I started with what I thought I knew, and in 14 hours, using only the “unwinding” protocol to do my testing, the Quantum Wave Laser made significant improvements in all my impairments as indicated below.

Test Results:

Release of stiff, locked neck – By applying the laser for 1.5 hours, to the base of the skull, on the right and left side of my neck, I was able to change my head rotation angel from a total 120 degrees to 190 degrees without pain.

Numbness in the face – with a treatment of 1.5 hours, the numbness was reduced from very noticeable to barely noticeable. Loss of numbness improved my speech.

Right Shoulder Mobility – before treatment, I could only raise my hand to the level of a couple inches above the top of my head, without pain. After treatment, I could raise my hand 18 inches above my head without pain. Treatment time was 1.5 hours.

Releasing “Catch” (jerking motion) in Right Knee. Applying the laser under and over the knee for 1.0 hours eliminated the “catch,” smoothing my stride.

Right Ankle Stiffness – Placing the laser under my foot, served the body’s chakra ending at the bottom of the foot. From that location it seemed likely, there should be help through the Chakra, to other body parts served by the Chakra. Due to the proximity of the laser to the ankle, I reasoned that the ankle would be served with the laser’s power. Within 1.0 hour, treatment the stiffness subsided.

Balance for walking – Balance is a brain function, application of the Laser for 2.0 hours, to the head (front, side, back) improved my balance remarkably. I was able to pick up my feet, placing them down smoothly, heel first, without stubbing my toe.

Numbness in right hand – Fingers of the right hand have remained tensed and rather inflexible. Laser application for 2.0 hours removed most of the stiffness and numbness (in the hand), allowing the finger joints to be flexed with greater ease.

Pain in left wrist – Because the left hand is used as the primary implement to do everything, it became painful, to a degree that I could hardly pick up a cup of coffee. Using the laser for 2.0 hours eliminated most of the pain.

Bladder control – Prior laser application for 1.5 hours, bathroom trips were four to six times a night. After application, nothing seemed to change until 4 or 5 days later. Then the bathroom trips diminished to one or two times, and has remained constant to date.

Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Thymus, and other Like Glands—received the remainder of the laser operation time, about 1.0 hour.

Observations, Recommendations, and Comments

With time, some of the impairments have regressed somewhat. Regression appeared in varying degrees, but never returning to pretest severity. All impairments held some level of improvement.

It is with complete confidence and sincerity; I make this statement: “The Quantum Scalar Wave Laser is the only device, currently used, that will be found capable of reducing to an unnoticeable level, every impairment that a stroke victim may incur.” If properly used, with training and commitment, this laser will return a stroke victim to society as a completely functional individual.

It is my belief and suggestion that every rehab center own Quantum Scalar Wave Lasers as part of their patient’s therapy. The use of the laser is so safe and simple that it could be patient applied, under the supervision of a (laser certified) physical therapist, who will set up the laser for maximum effectively.

Further, I recommend that Medicare and secondary insurance companies be contacted by Quantum Wave laser people about the history of rehabilitation successes around the world and establish a patient ownership process and price. If Medicare and the supplemental insurance can come together to provide a motorized-scooter or wheel-chair for a patient’s convenience, to get around in their own house, why not give them a device that will allow them to walk around in their own house or anywhere else they want to walk? Would that not make more sense, that tying them to a scooter or wheelchair?

I learned that the liver and kidneys control the well-being of all the organs in the body. While conducting tests I did not know that fact. I went with what I knew. I did not know enough to take advantage of the correct protocols programmed into the laser, yet I received great results. What a victory for me!! I see a rejuvenated fully functional person, in me, resulting from future applications of this laser.

– Frank K.


I chose these clients because measurable results were seen with one Laser session. For the following clients, I initially used the Unwind setting on the Adrenals, Sacrum, Occipit, and the Quantum setting on the Thymus before addressing their individual issues. All initial and subsequent programs were run for four minutes.

Venous Ulcer—Lower Leg—Chronic for 22 years post blood clot in area  35 year old male Real Estate Agent

Programs: One extra Sacral Unwind

Over Venous Ulcer: Scar, Regeneration, Lymph, Capillaries, and Cellular Regeneration

After 1 session the skin started to heal and thicken noticeably within two weeks.

Groin Injury—Nagging injury for 18 months  31 year old male Professional Hockey Referee

Programs: One extra Sacral Unwind, One Quantum over Sacral

Over groin: Relieve, Muscle, Scar, Fascia, Ozone, Cellular Regeneration

After one session, I refereed hockey four days later with no discomfort. Refereed another hockey game the next day with no discomfort where upon he would have had pain and weakness in the affected leg.

Achilles Surgery Repair—two weeks post cast removal 49 year old male Senior Racquetball Champion

Programs: Over Achilles: Relieve, Cellular Regeneration, Lymph, Scar, Capillaries, Ozone

After one session, the swelling at the surgical site went from a golf ball diameter to negligible in size. He could walk down a flight of stairs normally whereas before he had to walk down the stairs with a side step.

Fibromyalgia—Chronic 58 year old female Day Care Provider

Programs: filtered thru Thymus: Relieve, Pleo, Liver, Kidneys, Lymph, Relaxation, Muscles, Well being, Ozone

After one session was able to sleep better, had more energy, less pain. This level of wellness continued for two weeks where upon we performed another similar session. After the second session, again she received and increased level of wellness in all areas, which she has continued to maintain eight weeks later.

Shoulder Blade area—pain with no pathology for about five years 39 year old female office worker

Programs: One extra Occipital Unwind

Over shoulder blade area: Relieve, Muscle, Ozone, Scar, Cellular Regeneration, Quantum due to possible emotional connection.

After one session she had complete pain relief and could shoulder check when driving whereas before she had limited cervical movement.

As a second benefit, this client also had a congested chest (Unknown to me) due to eating cheese that day and being lactose intolerant. After the session she stated that the mucous had totally cleared out of her lungs for which she was very amazed and pleased!

Thumb—Crushed by 10 pound weight two days earlier 30 year old female Personal Trainer

Programs: Directly over thumb: Relief, Lymph twice, Capillaries, Cell Regeneration, Ozone, Muscles

After one session she found immediate pan relief. Being a personal trainer she knows her body well and felt that the area healed much quicker and she could return to working out much sooner.

A second benefit, as an asthmatic, she found after the session her lung volume had increased.

Ear pain during landing in a plane 52 year old male golfer

The initial Unwind and Quantum programs were not used!

The only program that was used was Ears over the sore ear for four minutes, which completely took the pain away in about two minutes! Amazing!

– Anonymous


I find I have profound relaxation, which gives me relief from the Fibromyalgia symptoms of pain and stiffness.

– Mauri D.


My 4 yr old daughter wakes up in the middle of the night crying with growing pain in her legs. 10 seconds on unwind and she is asleep.

– Maria R.


A friend used laser several times for a couple days had terrific results, helped his feet and hands, he is a diabetic he ended up buying one. He is very happy and feeling much better.

– Cecile M.


My shoulders have become acutely painful. I used the laser by itself and/or UV probe by itself with very good relief of inflammation. I have done this several times since purchasing the laser and probe in Feb/10.

– Sharon K.


Had severe headache that I needed a chiropractic treatment. After using the probe headache was gone and I didn’t need chiro.

– Margaret W.


One day I cut my finger. By the 3rd day it was throbbing from an infection. I was aware that Ozone acted as disinfectant so I plug in the Probe into the unit and held it on the cut for about 10 minutes. In about ½ hr the throbbing stopped and next day the cut was almost mended. By day 2 it was totally healed.

– P. W.


I have suffered with low back pain for at least ten years on and off. My doctor could only offer drugs or surgery, and neither seemed a workable solution because of the long-term harm to my health. Six months ago, I started using the Scalar Wave laser every day at the wellness center where I work. The pain is gone, but so is the stress. The “side effects” of the laser have been improved sleep, feeling of well-being and improved circulation, which sure beats the “side effects” of surgery and drugs offered by the MD’s.

– Joan M.


My mom had bleeding in her lungs. She was coughing blood for about 2 months. I used the laser on her once and she noticed a shift in the color of the blood, it became lighter. We weren’t able to do it again for a week or so but when we did another session it changed more. She bought her own in February. However by this time the coughing of blood was gone! She “loves” her laser.

– L. S.


I’ve had a lump on my arm the size of a quarter for approx. 2 years–just using the laser on it this weekend, it has gone down to the size of a dime.

– Lori B.


I went to a staff party for my work and my co-worker had a headache and in the car on the way I put the laser on unwind on the back of her neck. We arrived at the hotel and my co-workers headache was gone.

– Helen C.


My daughter has just gotten a belly button ring. She had been having redness and swelling at the site. We used the unwind protocol. Also we used the probe (red) on pleo, as well as rejuvenate to help the area with great results.

– Tracy M.


A client came to see me to get some relief on a knee injury. She was off work and wanted to avoid surgery. We did two sessions about one week apart. She had immediate relief. She returned to work after the 2nd session. She is now the owner of her own laser with a team.

Also, I fell skating. When my knee hit the ice, I felt my femur bone push my hip right through and move my pelvis. My husband carried me into the chiropractor’s office and then into Emergency. I couldn’t put any weight on my leg at all. Using the laser enabled me to continue teaching and heal very quickly. I only used crutches for 2 weeks. I went dancing 3 weeks after my original injury. I saw my chiropractor 2 months later just to make sure everything was in alignment. NO PAIN!!

In addition, I have bone disease in all four quadrants of my jaw. I had an ultrasound to show and diagnose the bone disease. The dentist told me I had two options: Surgery to scrape the disease from the bone OR lasers. No brainer. I already knew about the lasers (I am an EPFX practitioner). I went to the next laser gathering last spring and purchased my first laser. At first, every time I put the red probe in my ear and on my jaw or in my mouth, there was a constant pulsing feeling. Now, I no longer have a pulsing sensation when I am working on these areas. I want to get another exam just to see the improvement.

On 12/11/2009 I used a Scalar Wave cold laser for the second time at a Stillpoint Seminar. I enjoyed the calm of the Unwind protocol and then asked about bone/joint studies for my often painful knuckles. A person sitting next to me let me use her laser on the arthritis setting as we listened to our speaker. I believe it was only for four minutes on each hand, but I saw with my naked eye an immediate decrease in the size of my swollen knuckles. Since December, I have purchased a Scalar Wave laser and use it approximately twice a week on Unwind and Arthritis. I have now have100% range of motion and am pain free.

– Holly H.


I worked with a person last night that had a knee injury. He relaxed beautifully and his pain level was substantially reduced. His mobility was increased! Waiting to hear how he is today.

– Shirley C.


I had 4 tests at 2 Regina hospitals (March 4th and March 8/10) and was diagnosed with infiltrative carcinoma, an aggressive cancer in the left breast. There was a tumor of 7-10 cm in it. I put myself on an eating program from the book “The Gerson Therapy” by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker. Also detoxing with bio cleanse footbath; eating various vitamins and using Scalar Wave laser on my body. I am steadily healing from this chronic condition. Renewed health is apparent in 2 ½ weeks of applying this program to my body.

– Helen N.


My personal experience with the laser was the relief of pain due to degeneration of a disk in my lower back. Initially, I felt pain and uncomfortable sensation. Today I am relatively pain-free. Thank you Scalar Wave Laser.

– Margaret G.

My experience is limited to demonstrations in small groups here in Charlotte and once in Columbia. I love unwinding to still point. I used the laser in Columbia on quantum setting on my shins. I frequently wake up at night because of cramps in my feet and shins. Since then, I have had foot cramps that wake me but no problems with the shins. This weekend, I’m using the laser on my feet!

– Vicki C.

Has a bad fall a few weeks ago and re injured a weak knee. By that afternoon I could barely put any weight on that leg! Spent about six hours lasering the knee using any program that felt right. Significant improvement by the next day with full recovery within a week of an injury that reasonably should have taken 4-6 months to heal. Wow!

– Bonne B.

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