Spiritual Counselling


As a Licensed Quantum Healer Wendy realizes that we are all ONE IN SPIRIT and that everything that manifests is one possibility that collapses from this Infinite field of consciousness and that we are all connected in this subspace.  We now have the science in Quantum Physics to prove this and to close the gap between the seen and the unseen, uniting science and spirituality.

Connecting with our Source is of upmost importance in achieveing optimum health.  That when all of the subtle bodies are balanced we create balance for ourselves.  Wendy teaches others that they are their best Healers when stress is reduced.  She teaches that Stress is first created in the mind then that tranfers to the emotional body which is then felt in one or more of the Chakras (energy centers) of the body and that imbalance affects the Vital Body where the meridians flow Qi to each of the organs and systems of the body.  How dis-ease shows up on the physical level  first starts from the Source where infinite possibilites exist…how we collapse consciousness for ourselves through negative or wrong meaning that we give to our thoughts or experiences is what creates imbalances in the emotional, vital and subsequently physical body.  So through biofeedback and special techniques of NLP, EFT, and reframing our perceptions to bring more positive life promoting energy to situations, Wendy helps others to connect once again to the spiritual aspect of themselves realizing first that they are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are all in this process of evolving into a higher consciousness.

We realize that we are not victims here but have a choice and in this realization we find empowerment and take back responsibility for ourselves and our health.


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