While on vacation in San Jose, Wendy was recommended to me as a very knowledgeable health provider and I could not agree more. I booked a complete assessment in order to deal with ongoing, painful digestive issues. During that assessment, I was very impressed with the information provided by the biofeedback apparatus but I was more impressed with the knowledge and suggestions that were provided by Wendy. She was informative and keen to educate, and one cannot help but be amazed with the multi-layered knowledge that she so willingly shares. Wendy’s goal for all clients is optimal health and through a few additions to my diet, altering combinations and changing a few routines, my issue has been totally cleared. Following the assessment, any questions that I had were answered very promptly through emails. Wendy looks after all aspects of one’s being in a highly, professional manner and I hold her expertise in the highest regard.

L.A.C. (Vancouver)


I learned of Dr. Wendy Rudell while still in Canada. My daughter was studying Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver and told me about Wendy’s book “The Raw Transformation,” and also that she lived in Los Cabos. I have since had the wonderful opportunity to receive treatment from Dr. Wendy, whose education, experience and intuition came together synchronistically to diagnose as well as treat a chronic issue I have had much of my life.  After having been treated incorrectly through traditional western medicine for many years I feel very grateful to have access to such a gifted and caring health professional!

Karen S.


Dear Wendy, thank you for being willing to squeeze me in today . . . I feel like I have plenty to work on, a sense of the direction, and am feeling like I need some time and space to digest and move forward in the way I’m feeling,  gut-level.

I look forward to further work with you from afar and/or next fall when I get back here. Based on what we’ve discussed so far, I’d be particularly interested in the saliva test for hormones this summer.

Thank you again. I love you and your knowing, your way of working. I woke up this morning and chose love in a way that felt it went beyond my mental body, naturally. I am so glad we hooked up exactly as we did, on such an ‘off’ day for me, just right now with all the messages coming in as they are this week. Perfect. Thank you for connecting with spirit and sharing the way you do.



Hi Wendy! I just wanted to tell you (because I don’t think I have yet) how very beautiful your book is! Wow! I am honored to have it and it is truly inspiring me every day!

I am incorporating one or two new raw food recipes each week and I am really ejoying it — and so is Adrian!

I also have been writing in my journal at this two month point in my journey and I have so much to share with you when I see you next. I am so proud of myself and how far I have come — all with your wonderful support!

Also, I almost have Adrian convinced to come and see you for an appointment! I will be in touch early in the week to set that up!

I am SO grateful for you, my friend. I think you might have saved my life!

xoxo B.

Hi Wendy, well I am feeling very well since the treatment on the mat.  I’ve noticed a few things since that appointment, namely a kind of tired/sleepiness has overcome me.  Not in a way that I feel unwell.  But more in a delicious, kind of ‘slowed down’ cool buzz kind of way.  My mind is moving slowly and I just want to sleep all the time, which says to me there is a lot of repair going on.  I’m just going with it.  I haven’t been to the gym since the treatment because I don’t feel I want to expend energy there.  I’m rather allowing my energy to turn inward to do what it wants to do.

I feel this is a  great result and report, and I hope you feel the same way.  Also my jaw feels GREAT!!!!!

So grateful for you and your services.  And I’m excited that you’re thinking about the imaging services.  You are incredible! xoxoxo

“Cabo” Brenda Thompson

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